About This Thing Called Passion . . .

Let’s clear up some common misconceptions about “passion.”

It’s NOT about sex or even love.  While it can describe a love relationship or a sexual encounter,  the concept of passion is not owned by either.

PASSION is a way of doing life, embracing life and all that it serves up.  When you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you’re excited about it, driven by it, determined to press forward even in spite of obstacles.  Think of that, and sprinkle it with a savory bit of joy and satisfaction.  That’s passion.

PASSION energizes you to get on to whatever task is at hand, because you realize life isn’t about some imagined goal or destination, it’s about the journey, even the moment.  

PASSION is being fully present in here and now, and in a playful, almost child-like was sucking up the utter wonderfulness of what you’re experiencing through your combined senses.

PASSION is living, as alive as you can be.